About (EN)

I am a passionate wildlife and nature photographer from Panama and member of Audubon Society, Panama chapter. I bought my first camera (a Sony Lumix), in 2007 and started taking pictures of landscapes, birds, insects and even some astrophotography very influenced by my father Dr. Osvaldo Quintero H., a great panamanian wildlife photographer.  Then I got a Nikon D60 which I used almost exclusively for macro photography of small insects and later on I moved to a Nikon D300 that allowed me to get into bird photography, a Nikon D7200 and now I use a Canon R7. My lenses includes a Nikkor AF-S 200-500mm, Nikkor AF-S 300mm f4 and a 105mm micro f2.8), Canon 100-500mm RF.

I am looking to be a full-time nature photographer living from this joyful activity that combines science and art which allow me to show you the incredible wildlife of my country Panama, which have more than 1000 registered bird species.

Besides this site my photography is also available for media/publications thru NHPA/Avalon (http://avalon.red) and (https://www.alamy.com/)

Latest News:

-I was finalist on the Photographer’s Forum magazine Best of Photography Contest 2018 and  2017 edition.

-One of my photos was featured on the Daily Wildlife Photo of the Day:


-I was awarded with Honorable Mention on the International Photo Awards (IPA) 2020 & 2021 edition:



-Official Selection on the International Photo Awards (IPA) 2022:


-Got a new camera, a Canon R7 with a 100-500mm Lens RF.

-Obtained the Dr. George Angehr medal for ornithology merit at the Panamabirdfestival 2022

Last update dec / 13 /2022